Why should a company have a social media

What is social media marketing?

Nowadays no company can work without social media.
It has become an indispensable marketing aspect. Social
media marketing is a marketing tool in which social media
is used with the aim of realizing marketing or
communication objectives. Social media marketing is a
very broad term and used for multiple factors. Almost
every company that exist these days uses several social
media accounts.

A few big benefits are the following:

  • Using social media is free!
  • You increase the reach of your company, which ensures more brand awareness.
  • If your customer often encounters you on social media, it influences their buying behavior. For example, research shows that customers who follow companies on social media are more likely to buy their products or services.
  • By actively and correctly sharing links, you generate more website traffic. A couple of other examples are shown in the attachment below.

Benefits of Social Media

  • A company with social media has direct/quick communication with the customers and potential clients. They communicate with al the different platforms they use. Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp for example. Because of the direct and quick communication the company creates customer trust. This is a very important aspect for a company. Customer trust create more customer who create more sales and more revenue.
  • The customer service are also better to find and reach. This effects the business personality in a great way.
  • The direct communication and having a social media the clients can easily find is also called Brand Loyalty. They wouldn’t switch very easily because the clients are beginning to trust the company and are willing to stay loyal to brand.
  • Nowadays the most new customers are generated true ads on social media. Everybody has a mobile phone these days. The ads on the big platforms are the biggest way of advertising and the most easy way to find new customers.
  • Research. Another marketing benefit of social media marketing is that the company has the possibility too easily and clearly take a look at the statistics of his business. For example, how many people have seen and clicked on their ad. Thereafter see how many people actually bought their product. It is good to see the insights of the company and have a beautiful company overview
  • Community and reputation management get’s a lot clearer with social media marketing as well. Creating a good reputation and a large loyal community is very import for a company that wants to grow.
  • Cost-efficient: This is done to improve the organization’s bottom line by decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiencies across the board. For a company, social media marketing is the best way to see the insights of the company and do everything so cost efficient as possible.
  • With all the advantages of social media marketing mentioned above, it is the intention for a company to Outreach his competenters.

In the end, everyone goes digital and social media marketing is a ‘must have’ for a business to become successful. The benefits of having a social media for a company are almost countless. So go online with your business and use the free platforms where there are build for!

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