Hotel/Villa Website Development Services

Website Development Services for hotels/villas are website creation services that we offer for hotel or villa owners. We have researched the right website specifically for hotel/villa owners throughout Indonesia. We developed this hotel/villa website so that it is more mobile friendly and will be more easily accessible to users from smartphones, which currently exceed the number of users from desktops or laptops.

So, for the customers who use our services, they don't need to pay extra to get a mobile friendly display. We have added this, so that the people who visit your website, can access on every device.


Hotel/Villa Website Making Services


  • Free domain .com
  • Max 5 Pages
  • SEO plugin FREE
  • Let's Encrypt SSL


  • Free domain .com
  • Max 10 Pages
  • SEO plugin FREE
  • Let's Encrypt SSL


  • Free domain .com
  • Max 15 Pages
  • SEO plugin FREE
  • Let's Encrypt SSL


  • Free domain .com
  • Max 20 Pages
  • SEO plugin FREE
  • Let's Encrypt SSL

Do the packages above not fit you? We have the solution! Together we can look at a customized package, especially for you.


Hotel/Villa Website Making Services

Salty Skin
The Palms Villas
Vienna Villas



Anda akan mendapatkan berbagai feature dan fasilitas lengkap untuk website hotel/villa Anda.

Professional Design

The appearance of the design adjusts to the characteristics of the hotel/villa and the brand it has. You are free to determine the layout, color and wording

Free email account

Gunakan email@websitehotel/villa Anda untuk menambah kredibilitas website hotel/villa serta memiliki hak akses premium atas data tanpa kendala

Mobil friendly design

80% of websites are accessed using mobile devices, and we will make sure, that the appearance of your website will remain responsive and comfortable.

Online server guarantee

The server uses the latest technology today so as to ensure the website remains online to maximize information so that it can still be accessed

Fast work

We will update the entire work process, and invite you to participate in the revision or improvement process so that our results meet your expectations

Webmaster & Analityc

Free Google webmaster and Google analytics integration for visitor checking, website analysis and analysis of potential visitor targets



As is known, the growth of internet users, especially in Indonesia, has grown very significantly. The shift of people in Indonesia when accessing the internet from desktop/laptops to smartphones also makes website service seekers switch from laptops to mobile. Therefore, the readiness of your website technology to be accessible from a smartphone becomes very important for your business. For this reason, we have integrated all of our services to be mobile friendly, meaning that the website we develop will be easily accessible from smartphones and user friendly.

Maybe when you search for Website Development Services on Google, you will find many website development service providers offering similar services. The amount of information obtained sometimes makes you confused which one is the right one. Some offer very low prices, and some offer complex and perhaps difficult to understand features and services.

Well, Djitugo answers your doubts. We provide website creation services at affordable prices, easy to operate and adapted to your business, so this can be the best solution for you.

Maybe when you search on Google, you will find many website creation service providers that offer their services at low prices. Website Development Services is a service, where there is no set standard. The analogy is like in the world of the medical profession, if you are looking for a specialist doctor, then you don't expect very cheap rates. On the other hand, if you are limited in terms of costs, you still come and get services at the general practitioner.

This means that what makes the difference in terms of price can be due to experience, the tools/technology used, and precise analysis of your problem.

We have conducted research on the needs of websites, especially for tourism businesses. For these needs, we develop your website according to your target market. One of the important things is mobile friendly. Apart from accuracy, we also make your website easy to access from a smartphone.

We use the latest technology, which not all website creation service providers have. Be careful, don't be fooled by the "unlimited" offer, because it's just a term and nothing is really unlimited. The use of unlimited services, usually using low technology to be able to provide services that seem "extraordinary" but at low prices.